While almost all Palestinians followed the news about the Gilboa prison break on daily basis viewing it as inspiring to popular resistance, the killing of the opposition activist Nizar Banat and the PA behavior in its aftermath damage the standing of the PA as almost 80% of the public demand the resignation of president Abbas

These are the results of the latest poll conducted by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PSR) in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip between 15–18 September 2021.

The period before the conduct of the poll witnessed several developments including the killing of a political activist, Nizar Banat, right after his arrest and sever beating by the Palestinian security services, the eruption of widespread demonstrations against the PA demanding justice for Banat, the escape of six Palestinian prisoners from the Gilboa prison in Israel and the capture of four of them (just before the fieldwork began), the continued Egyptian-mediated Hamas-Israeli negotiations to strengthen the ceasefire reached in May and begin the process of reconstruction, the…


A joint Palestinian-Israeli research reveals: Mutual Palestinian-Israeli distrust, found at the core of peace failure, is generated by socio-psychological forces heightened by daily life hardships, exposure to violence, and widespread negative perceptions about the other side’s educational system.

Zakaria Zubeidi co-founder of The Freedom Theatre

Udi Aloni tells three stories of living in Zakaria Zubeidi’s house. The is the first one: the cultural Intifada.

(R) Cover from the film Arna’s Children. (L) A recent photo of Zakaria Zubeidi

The terraces in the Palestinian village of Battir, south of Jerusalem. Built during the Ottoman era. Credit: Olivier Fitoussi

As the scientific question of dating the Jerusalem hills terraces shifts to the political realm, it turns superficial and undergoes dehumanisation. ■ The Palestinians who lived in the mountains until 1948 made a crucial contribution to landscape design. Whether they inherited ancient terraces or not. ■ Terrace is not a registered patent; it is part of the daily life of real people who have lived here. 73 years ago, Palestinians were expelled from their land and since then an effort has been made to erase their existence in the landscape and history.

Israelis are proud of their air conditioners and look down with disdain at Europeans who insist on sweating, but this technology has devastating environmental effects

Palestinians throw stones at Israeli soldiers near illegal Eviatar outpost, over the weekend Photo: AFP

This week, three more Palestinians were killed by IDF fire in the West Bank and our righteousness is only becoming more and more transparent. The lies and the fables that we tell ourselves, mainly in order to fool ourselves in relation to this carnage, are becoming more visible.

Mohammed El-Halabi

The case of Mohammed El-Halabi

The challenges that forced the PA and Fatah movement to postpone the general elections

Photo by Palestinian Feminist Collective

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