Images taken from: boycottsydfest. Main middle photo by BDS Australia

Refuting Zionists accusation of the #BoycottSydneyFestival campaign as being “cancel culture”

Optimism about the holding the second phase of local elections and Fatah is more popular than Hamas in West Bank cities; but three quarters of the public demand the resignation of president Abbas while Hamas’ standing, as a potential representative and leader of the Palestinian people, witnesses a setback; in Palestinian-Israeli relations, support increases for confidence building measures to improve daily living conditions.

Palestinian Public Opinion Poll No (82) • December 2021

Yazan Hamdan performs ‘Ammi Abu al’Bar’ in this still from a video on his YouTube channel.

At the age of 16, Amira, the protagonist of a film that was supposed to represent Jordan at the Oscars, discovers that she is not the daughter of a Palestinian political prisoner but of his prison guard. But the provocation did not work, Palestinian prisoners’ organisations protested, and Jordan decided not to send it to the Oscars.

Why did prominent Lebanese author Elias Khoury join the boycott of the Paris-based Institut du Monde Arabe’s l’exposition « Juifs d’Orient »

Rawan (L)) and Maya (R)). Photo by: Nora Sayyad

“You can’t tell us how to dance” — a conversation about culture, art and activism

Empty bullet cases after the Israeli army raid on the Ramallah Hall of Culture

The Palestine Cinema Days festival, held for the eighth year in a row, included a record number of 65 films from Palestine and other countries. On its last day, the Israeli army raided the Ramallah Cultural Palace and reminded Palestinians of the nightmarish movie in which they are trapped.


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