Even after his death, he’s still a prisoner of Israel

We must put the bodies in a cart and drag them through the town centre as they did in the Bible to make an example of them

The Palestine Project
3 min readJun 11, 2024

By Ishay Rosen-Zvi • Translated by Sol Salbe

The state of Israel is holding the body of Walid Daqqa, who was involved in the abduction (but apparently not the brutal murder) of soldier Moshe Tamam in 1984 and who has since repented and became a man of peace and died of cancer in prison in April. While Jewish terrorists get to fully return to the community and even become editors of important newspapers, Arab terrorists do not get peace even after forty years, not even after their deaths. We are told that this is due to security problems and the risk of disturbances at the funeral, but the cabinet meeting on “releasing the bodies of Israeli [citizen] terrorists” shows what it really is about.

Here is the exchange in full:

“[Defence] Minister Yoav Galant: The issue of the bodies of Israeli terrorists arose, I decided to hold Walid Daqqa’s body and release the bodies of five other terrorists. But Minister Ben-Gvir decided that he was going to ignore me and gave an order to the police not to comply. Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir: Ours is a democratic state. I think that releasing the bodies of Israeli terrorists amounts to lawlessness. It also impairs our ability to release them in exchange for abductees or bodies of abductees. I don’t understand what’s the rush is to run and release them now, you have to hold the bodies. [Deputy PM and Justice] Minister Yariv Levin: I don’t understand why suddenly there is a right to release bodies? Where was this decided? It is forbidden to release any body of an Israeli Arab, Minister Eli Cohen: No body of an Israeli Arab should be released, full stop. Minister Miri Regev: I don’t understand how we have abductees [in Gaza] while we release those bodies. Let’s wait for the swap deal, [Treasurer AKA Minister of Finance] Bezalel Smotrich: We must put the bodies in a cart and drag them through the town centre as they did in the Bible to make an example of them. Prime Minister Netanyahu: There is no choice here — we shouldn’t release the bodies of Israeli terrorists now.” Here’s where we say goodbye to the pearls of their golden tonsils.

Well, in this entire jolly choir nothing actually beats Smotrich’s suggestion of dragging the bodies through the town square “as they did in the Bible.” But if you’re worried that they’ll also start lopping off arms or stone Jewish Sabbath violators “as they did in the Bible,” don’t worry. Biblical law is reserved here for Arabs only. The Jews, on the other hand, will be screwed up according to the laws of modern fascism, absolutely properly.

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