Balad leader Sami Abu Shehadeh. Credit: Emil Salman

Israel’s racist and apartheid madness

Israeli Election: Disqualifying a political party that calls for the state to be for ALL its citizens; and not a supremacy of one group over others

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2 min readSep 29, 2022


By Orly Noy • (Translated by Sol Salbe)

While the Israeli army continues its murderous campaigns in Jenin and the northern West Bank, the representatives of the Israeli parliament disqualified the Balad party, the electoral formation with the most democratic platform in Israel, from running in the elections. Leading the charge at the disqualifications hearing was the new generals’ party, which gathers a dizzying number of war criminals at its head.

The Attorney-General* of the only democracy in the universe is indeed opposed to the disqualification, but it is worth dwelling on her reasoning: in her opinion, although the party is “close to the forbidden zone that a party that cross into it cannot stand in elections”, no evidence was presented to indicate that it acted to put “to carry out in practice the apparently problematic parts in its platform”.

Let the Attorney-General relax: Balad has definitely worked and is still working to put its platform into practice — a meaningful full democracy, without nudges winks nor a supremacy of one group over others, for all citizens of the country.

The fact that this basic and self-evident platform can be a reason for disqualifying an electoral formation in Israel indicates the depth of the country’s racist and apartheid madness, not Balad’s.

  • * The position is actually very similar to an Australian Attorney-General but Haaretz and other publications don’t expect their reader to be familiar with the Westminster system, and it makes sense to be consistent.

(Translated from Hebrew by Sol Salbe, Middle East News Service)