Leaders of the right-wing racist Religious Zionism: Itamar Ben Gvir (L) and Bezalel Smotrich (R)

Manifesto of Israel’s new Minister for Jewish Supremacism

Thirty-two tips for (soon-to-be) Israeli Defense Minister Bezalel Smotrich

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4 min readNov 4, 2022


– By Abed L. Azab *

Dear (soon-to-be) Defense Minister Bezalel Smotrich,

Congratulations on your tremendous achievement in the election. You surely recall my name as an old fan of yours. I hope you remember that I supported your position regarding the separation of Jewish and Arab women in the maternity wards. About your election triumph, one could say, “The honest ones won.” You are the only political leader in Israel who speaks from his heart and his principles and doesn’t lie. Therefore, because you are such a person, I hereby offer 32 pieces of advice to help you make the most of your party’s major election gains.
[Note: “Arabs” means the Palestinians who are citizens of Israel]

1. Immediately revoke Arabs’ Israeli citizenship and reclassify their status as subjects.*

2. Revoke the right of Arab subjects in Israel to vote in Knesset elections.

3. Revoke the passports of Arab subjects. From now on, they may only travel abroad with a laissez-passer document.

4. An Arab subject may not go abroad for more than one week. Violators will not be permitted to return.

5. All National Insurance Institute allowances — for children and the elderly, supplemental income, maternity grants and so on — shall be denied to Arab subjects.

6. An Arab subject will not be eligible to collect unemployment benefits. Arab women will not be entitled to maternity leave.

7. An Arab subject will not study or work in Israeli universities and colleges where Hebrew is the language of instruction.

9. Arabs will be prohibited from studying abroad.

9. Binational and/or bilingual schools for Jews and Arabs will be prohibited.

10. Arab teachers will not be permitted to work in Jewish schools.**

11. Arab teachers will be required to sign a loyalty pledge to the State of Israel at the start of each school year.

12. Science studies will be drastically cut back in Arab schools, along with math and English.

13. It will be legally mandated that the salary of an Arab university graduate be half that of a Jewish graduate, thus deterring Arabs from seeking higher education or aspiring to professions that require higher education.

14. At the same time, Arabs will be given incentives to engage in manual labor, in jobs such construction, agriculture and cleaning.

15. All Arab local council heads and local council members will be ousted. Every Arab local authority will be run by an appointed committee with a Jewish chairperson, Jewish treasurer, Jewish secretary and an Arab secretary who will assist the Jewish secretary, primarily with matters of language.

16. Arnona (municipal tax) in Arab localities will be uniform and set by law and not by the local authorities.

17. The Arab local authorities will not receive government funding.

18. The Supreme Arab Monitoring Committee will be outlawed and any assembly or association of Arabs of a nationalistic and/or religious nature will be prohibited.

19. Carrying or displaying the PLO (“Palestine”) flag will be prohibited, and violators will be deported from Israel.

20. All activity related in any way to the “Nakba” will be banned, and violators will be deported from Israel.

21. A special tax will be imposed on Arab subjects who leave their community of residence for work, including to work in Jewish communities.

22. Arab subjects will be required to carry a movement permit. An Arab subject will not be permitted to leave his place of residence without this permit.

23. Police presence will be greatly increased in Arab localities. Very steep fines will be handed out to traffic offenders, at least five times higher than those given to Jewish citizens.

24. Arab subjects will be prohibited from carrying or possessing any type of gun.

25. An Arab subject who possesses and/or uses a gun will be executed following an accelerated legal proceeding.

26. The death penalty for Arab subjects will be mandated by law, particularly when they have harmed Jewish citizens.

27. The Arabic language will be banned in public spaces. Arabic will be deleted from all official documents.

28. The use of loudspeakers for the muezzin’s call to prayer will be banned.

29. Separate entertainment venues and beaches for Jews and Arabs will be opened. An Arab subject who is found at a location not designated for Arab will be punished by having his home demolished and all of his property (if he has any) confiscated.

30. Sexual relations between a male Arab subject and female Jewish citizen will be strictly prohibited. The Arab offender will be subject to a death sentence. A female Arab subject who has sexual relations with a Jewish man will be sentenced to life in prison.

31. Arab subjects will be prohibited from residing in Jewish cities.

32. The Arab subjects who currently reside in “mixed cities” will be forcibly transferred to Arab localities and receive token compensation.

*Regarding the Druze, I propose that they be given an intermediate status that falls somewhere between citizen and subject. They may not be Jews, but some of them are much more right-wing than you are.

**When this law passes, I will voluntarily resign from my job and burn the diplomas that I obtained through much hard work at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Abed L. Azab

Editors Note: We chose to re-publish this Haaretz article in full, given its relevance and importance.