Yazan Hamdan performs ‘Ammi Abu al’Bar’ in this still from a video on his YouTube channel.

Meet one of the hottest Palestinian singers in Palestine right now

Up to a year ago, few people had heard of Yazan Hamdan (يَزَن حَمدان), a Palestinian singer from Tul Karm, a Palestinian city in the occupied West Bank.

Thanks to TikTok, his songs went viral among the younger Palestinian generation on both sides of the green line demarcating Israel’s pre-1967 borders. His YouTube channel has 53 million views.

“Hamdan, who is in his thirties, started his music career in Tul Karm in 2014 by performing at weddings. He sings in the shaabi style, which is reminiscent of folk songs and mostly heard at weddings and street performances. The style gives voice to the mood on the street and is very common in Egypt. It is also known as mahraganat, a type of Egyptian electronic street music that combines shaabi with other genres, associated with famous Egyptian singers such as Hassan Shakosh and Hamo Bika.”

— (Sheren Falah Saab)

33,223,603 views since Jun 5, 2021

9,282,971 views since Sep 30, 2021


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