Interview with Minister Orit Strock, Channel 7 [Arutz Sheva]

Orit Strock is one of the shadiest people in Israel

A minister in the Netanyahu government, she is seen as more than a symbol of disconnection from reality. A sort of potential mass murderer in the name of religious fanaticism. So shady to a degree approaching the realms of humour.

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3 min readMar 24, 2023


By Rogel Alpher • Haaretz *

Minister of National Missions Orit Strock is one of the shadiest people in Israel. Some see her as a symbol of disconnection from reality. But the truth is deeper, literally. Along with her messianic fascism associates in the government, Strock is the representative of the Israeli unconsciousness, the fantasy, the desires that, instead of remaining buried and repressed, burst to the surface, like demons from the underworld. “Erase Hawara”. “There is no Palestinian people.” These statements by the head of her party Smotrich express pure fantasy.

The thought that there is only a pleasure principle, without a reality principle that slows and balances it, is the cornerstone of the government. Sara Netanyahu is a personified principle of pleasure. Netanyahu can have as many cigars and bottles of champagne as he wants; The coalition is allowed to appoint its own judges and rule without restrictions and without any checks and balances; The ultra-orthodox are allowed not to serve in the IDF and at the same time enjoy special rights; the USA is the ever-fruiting, giving tree. A world of pleasures. This explains the legislative binge, the monstrous appetite. The government is the only subject in existence. Everything else in existence is an object at the government’s disposal. With the help of God, bless him. Everything is from God. The supreme power that no opposing force is able to resist. There is no limit. Or more precisely, as Strock said after she celebrated at the Chumash yeshiva, “a day of celebrations, a day of great repentance for the Jewish people” — “the sky is the limit.”

And as proof, Strock announced — with God’s the help of God, bless him — our great next delight: the return to the Gaza Strip. Yummo! In her opinion we have already commenced the process. “We’re on the Highway”, to correct the “sin of disengagement”. We have sinned before you, God as the only limit. “Regretfully, unfortunately for all of us,” she noted, with a big smile on her face, “a return to the Gaza Strip will also involve many sacrifices.” Yummo! It is true that one could hope that God — with God’s help, God’s blessing — would allow the Jews to do this without sorrow and without bloodshed. But we have sinned. Therefore, there is no reason to argue that Strock is really disconnected from reality, or “disturbed” (in the vernacular, not clinically speaking). If she was disconnected from reality, she would have proclaimed that not a single drop of Jewish blood would be shed during the return to Gaza (there are no Palestinians, and they don’t have blood anyway, it’s ketchup). But she is realistic. She understands very well that there will be victims, and even many victims.

“Gaza is part of the Land of Israel,” she proclaimed, “and the day will come when we will return to it.” The sanctity of the land precedes the sanctity of human life. These are the words of a woman speaks who, given the necessary authority, is capable of causing a horrific bloodbath in Gaza (in the entire Gaza Strip, not just in Gush Katif). A sort of potential mass murderer in the name of religious fanaticism. So shady to a degree approaching the realms of humour. This is how Mao treated humans. The only difference between them is that he had the dictatorial power (which this government and its main fantasiser Levin covet) to abolish the principles of reality. Nothing stopped him. Unfortunately, there were many victims.