Palestinian public opinion and the elections

Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PSR) • Public Opinion Poll No (79) March 2021

With rising confidence that parliamentary elections will indeed take place soon, and given clear anxieties about the possibility that the siege and blockade over the Gaza Strip could then be tightened, the split consolidated, and that economic conditions could worsen, and given concerns about the potential reaction from the international community and Israel, public attitudes seem to shift a little in favor of Fatah and away from Hamas.

Main Findings:

(1) Legislative and presidential elections:

Legislative Elections:

Presidential elections:

(2) The Coronavirus vaccine and PA performance during the COVID-19 pandemic:

(3) Domestic conditions and satisfaction with the Shtayyeh government:

(4) The Palestinian-Israeli Peace process, Israeli elections, and the implications of the recent ICC decision:

(5) Expectations from the Biden Administration and attitudes regarding resumption of Palestinian-Israeli negotiations under its leadership:

(6) Ten years after the Arab Spring:

(7) Most vital Palestinian goals and the main problems confronting Palestinians today: