Resonance of Nazi concepts in Israeli Labour leader’s rhetoric

The Palestine Project
2 min readSep 20, 2022


By Tamir Sorek (US-based Israeli author, professor)

It turns out that the “Parliament of Strengtheners” [הפרלמנט של מחזקים] [a reputedly progressive group] blocked me due to my opinion regarding the resonance of Nazi concepts in [Labour Leader] Merav Michaeli’s rhetoric.

In short, there are those who think that comparisons should not be made, because Michaeli hasn’t sent anyone to the extermination camps, and I was asked if I thought she was going to lead them there.

This is what I answered, and either the group’s admins or their algorithm disliked my response:

I think that Marev Michaeli will not reach the position of leadership of the state, so she will not lead anything. But her positions on certain issues and her silence on other issues legitimise deportation and killing.

She “bolstered the security forces” during the massacre of children in Gaza in the last two rounds (and was silent in the ones before them). Even according to the IDF, thousands of non-combatants were killed in those rounds. We have not heard a word from her about the ongoing expulsions in Area C or about Sheikh Jarah.

Whoever is silent about the killing of thousands and the expulsions of hundreds, will also be silent about the murder and expulsion of tens of thousands. Unfortunately, there is a close connection between her ambition to “separate” Jews from Palestinians and her silence regarding the expulsion.

What is even more terrible here is that she is considered the “Opposition”.

All the political forces that are really trying to oppose the expulsion in Masafer Yatta and elsewhere do not use the language of separation as a justification for their political stance, and certainly are not fearful of from “mingling” with the Palestinians.

This is a tiresome racist language that is associated with the silenced ones who watch the expulsion, even from the government benches, and give it a public certificate of approval.