Bressler, two days ago. Neo-Nazi movements in Europe and the United States also do not necessarily support genocide. Neo-Nazism, including Judo-Nazism, has evolved compared to the original prototype movement. Photo: Tomer Applebaum

Shikma Bressler, your apology is not accepted

Dictatorial regime of Jewish supremacy, a messianic worldview, and Apartheid: The time has come to update the definition of Judo-Nazism


By Rogel Alpher [Translated by Sol Salbe]

[Protest movement leader Dr] Shikma Bressler has now chimed in in a glorious tradition of the Israeli public discourse: calling your ideological enemies Nazis, and then expressing remorse. “It is forbidden to talk to Nazis, whether they are Jews or non-Jews,” she said, referring to the president’s negotiations with the government on an outline for ending the crisis surrounding the coup, specifically alluding to the government’s Kahanist wing. Then came the expected apology: “I made a mistake yesterday in my statement,” she admitted, “I used a word that has no place in the discourse. I regret, and apologise for, that statement.” Sorry, but what exactly is she apologising for?

The time has come to update the definition of Judo-Nazism:

  1. On the Palestinian issue: It isn’t a systematic extermination of a people, but the denial of their existence and denial of their right to self-determination; annexation of the West Bank under a cruel Apartheid regime that denies Palestinians basic human and civil rights on nationalistic and racist basis; enacting Jewish supremacy laws; building and expanding settlements that rob Palestinians of their land in order to force them to take flight; Belief in a mystical connection between the Jewish people and the ground of this Land and in a Divine Land Title over it.
  2. On the issue of governance: loathing of liberalism; striving to establish a dictatorial regime of Jewish supremacy; denying the independence of the judiciary and subordinating it to the government; creating a system of government that will enable the annexation of the West Bank and the establishment of a bi-national state with an Apartheid regime; taking control of the media and significantly curtailing freedom of expression; using democracy to come to power and then abolish it; seeing war as a natural and desirable situation and preferring it to calm and prosperity; emphasis on national honour; Seeing the individual as a link in an eternal chain.
  3. As far as public discourse is concerned: demonising political opponents and delineating them as traitors and enemies of the people, as a means of inflaming the base; systematic and conscious spreading of lies, even the truth is subject to the needs of the regime; systematic existential fearmongering; incessant toxic incitement; Witch hunts.
  4. In the sphere of religion and national identity: support for religious coercion; non-separation of religion and state; persecution of LGBT people; an attempt to prohibit relations between Jews and non-Jews, seeing them as a threat to the existence of the Jewish people and contrary to nature; the enslavement of the liberal-productive sector to support the ultra-Orthodox community and the settlements; xenophobia and migrant hatred; a messianic worldview, which strives for the war of Gog and Magog and the coming of the Messiah; Belief that God cares for His people, their economy and their well-being.
  5. In the administration of the state: chaos, crumbling and disintegration as a method designed to create a yearning for dictatorship; the cult of personality of the Leader, presenting them as someone without whom a national disaster would occur; using violence to suppress dissent; disregard for the rule of law; widespread corruption; A blatant and ongoing violation of rules of the game and norms.
  6. In international relations: hatred of the United States and Western Europe; demonisation of human rights organisations as foreign agents trying to interfere in events in the land and threaten the existence of the State of the Jews; Admiration of fascist leaders like Trump and Putin. Support for shadowy regimes and neo-Nazi movements in exchange for their support for annexation, Apartheid and the judicial coup.

Many of the members of the current government are Judo-Nazis, and all members of the coalition are lending a hand to formulating a Judo-Nazi vision and implementing Judo-Nazi policies. Neo-Nazi movements in Europe and the United States also do not necessarily support genocide. Neo-Nazism, including Judo-Nazism, has evolved compared to the original prototype movement. So Bressler’s apology is not accepted.