The damage Netanyahu has wrought on Israel in last 6 months

Here is a (partial) list of bridges he has already destroyed; and agreements he has succeeded in taking apart

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Akiva Eldar • Haaretz (Excerpt)

In six months, Netanyahu had achieved what the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) Movement couldn’t in over 20 years:

* European Union foreign ministers have decided to impose sanctions on violent settlers, including freezing assets and a ban on entering EU states. EU citizens will be forbidden from conducting business deals with these settlers.

* Bolivia suspended diplomatic relations with Israel. Chile, Colombia, Chad, Honduras, Turkey, and Jordan, among others, have downgraded diplomatic relations.

* The African Union practically suspended Israel’s observer status, while Colombia suspended weapons purchases from Israel. Israeli companies were absent from arms fairs in Colombia and Chile.

* The regional government in Wallonia, Belgium, suspended two licenses for exporting arms to Israel.

* Spain’s ruling party, as well as others, suspended Spain’s arms trade with Israel. The Spanish parliament’s foreign affairs committee voted to stop arms sales to Israel.

* Jordan’s government announced its rejection of the water-for-energy deal with Israel.

* Several Danish pension funds have excluded Israeli companies, including banks, involved in West Bank settlements, and began to divest from them.

* The Canadian parliament voted for a ban on arms sales to Israel.

* Over 130 British MPs called for a ban on all arms sales to Israel.

* The city of Barcelona cut all ties with Israel.

* The city council in Ghent, Belgium, announced it would not make purchases from companies that profit from the occupation and subjugation of Palestinians.

* The city of Hayward, California, voted to divest from four companies who are party to Israeli human rights abuses and violations of international law.

* Over 120 city councils in the U.S. passed resolutions calling for a cease-fire.

* Two large Japanese companies, Nippon Aircraft Supply and the Itochu Corporation, severed relations with arms producers Elbit Systems.

* The investment council of Wisconsin sold all of its 8,083 Elbit shares. Bank of America got rid of half of the company’s shares.

* Between the third and fourth quarter of 2023, Scotia Bank, Elbit’s biggest foreign investor, reduced its holdings in the company by 16 percent.

* Trade unions in ports in Belgium, India, Catalonia, Italy, Greece, Turkey, California and South Africa have taken steps against Israeli ships or arms shipping to Israel. The government of Malaysia banned Israeli-owned ships from docking in Malaysian harbors.

* Five Norwegian universities suspended their cooperation agreements with Israeli universities.

* The council of University of Antwerp’s law school decided to put an end to the cooperation agreement with Bar-Ilan University.

* The University of Turin decided to cut contacts with Israeli research institutes “complicit in genocide.”

* The Federal University of Ceará in Brazil cancelled its Innovation Challenge Brazil — Israel program.

* The University of Montreal’s faculty association, representing almost 1,400 faculty members, voted unanimously to boycott Israeli universities.

* The University of Michigan’s faculty senate voted for divestment from Israel.

* The executive committee of European Gymnastics decided that Tel Aviv would not host the 2025 artistic gymnastics European championship.

* 4,000 LGBTQ artists vowed not to present their work in Israel, and 10 filmmakers withdrew from the TLVFest LGBTQ+ film festival, which is sponsored by the Israeli government.

* German sportswear manufacturer Puma announced it wouldn’t renew its contract with the Israel Football Association.

* The Irish government decided to divest millions of euros from major Israeli companies, to the tune of 2.95 million euros.

  • McDonald’s Corp. bought back its 225 restaurants in Israel from the local franchise owner.

The above is excerpt only of article from Haaretz