The evil one isn’t Ayelet Shaked, It’s Zionism

By Kobi Niv • (Translated by Sol Salbe)

How good and soothing is it that we do have that fascist insensitive Ayelet Shaked, upon which one can hang the wickedness of Zionism and smear our faeces as if she is the stinking one and not, God forbid, us, eh?

In recent weeks, Israel has been maliciously and cruelly blocking the acceptance of Ukrainian refugees who are not deemed Jewish under the Law of Return. Imagine how would you feel if some country, say Poland, would have blocked the entry of Jewish refugees from Ukraine into its territory and would allow only the entry of non-Jews.

It’s not that it hasn’t already happen before. In May 1939, about a thousand Jews fled Germany on the SS St Louis and sought asylum in the United States. But the US, the “land of the free,” headed by Democratic President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, refused to grant them asylum on the pretext that it exceeded the quota of immigrants set for Germany. With no other option left, the ship turned back and returned to Europe and eventually a quarter of all those on board were murdered in the Holocaust.

However, almost all those who rose up and were alarmed at Israel’s behaviour toward the refugees from Ukraine did not attack the policy itself, or the prime minister responsible for it, or the government, or the parties or individuals who make up the government, but concentrated on blaming Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked, who in the final analysis is responsible for implementing government policy.

One of Shaked’s sharpest rebukers, our colleague Uri Misgav, even went for the jugular. In the title oof his article he attributed Israel’s ugly behaviour towards the Ukrainian refugees to the “sheer evil of Ayelet Shaked.” In the article itself, Misgav was even harsher about the Interior Minister’s putative policy and stated that “a hierarchical ranking of the right to life and refuge of human beings based on the status of being Jewish or non-Jewish is for all intents and purposes, scientific racism.” So. Scientific racism. No more and no less.

But hello, Mr Misgav, Your Excellency, “a hierarchical ranking of the right to life and refuge of human beings based on the status of being Jewish or non-Jewish” which you define as “scientific racism” for all intents and purposes,” is not a whim of Shaked’s personal “sheer evil” and not even a government deceptive policy. Israel. This is the “Law of Return,” the founding Zionist constitutional foundation on which, in theory and practice, the “State of the Jews” stands. The Law of Return is entirely a “hierarchical ranking of the right to life and refuge of human beings based on the status of being Jewish or non-Jewish.” It states that the right to asylum and life in the State of Israel is given exclusively to Jews and quasi-Jews, whether refugees or not, and is not given to anyone else — not to non-Jewish refugees, not to Sudanese, not to Ukrainians and certainly not to Palestinians.

Thus, “scientific racism” as Misgav defines it, is codified in the “Law of Return,” the founding doctrine of Zionism, and not Shaked’s personal doctrine, who in broad terms has treated Ukrainian refugees in the same way as the interior ministers who preceded her — [Eli] Yishai, [Gideon] Sa’ar, Gilad Arden, [Silvan] Shalom and [Aryeh] Deri — treated refugees who knocked on Israel’s door. The fact that the refugees are now whiter than the refugees then, does not make Shaked more racist than them. It’s isn’t her and it isn’t them. It’s Zionism. Zionism is scientific racism. Therefore, if you support the “Law of Return”, the “Jewish State”, the “Jewish majority” and other derivatives of Zionist racism, then the alleged “sheer evil” of the Minister of the Interior towards the Ukrainian refugees comes with your support, in your name, with your permission and your wickedness.



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